# Recall Toolbox

Recall Toolbox is a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension that acts as a Shared Pasteboard.

Anything that you can copy and paste in Final Cut Pro, Recall Toolbox can store.

You can even drag-and-drop clips and projects from the Final Cut Pro Browser, and link to files (such as logos on a shared drive).

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Recall Toolbox Workflow Extension
Recall Toolbox Workflow Extension

# Build for Final Cut Pro

There are third party tools like the amazing Copy 'Em ​(for Mac), but they're not quite as visual as Recall Toolbox, and they're not built from the ground up for Final Cut Pro users.

Recall Toolbox works as a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension, so it's window position gets saved with your custom Workspaces.

Whilst CommandPost has had a Shared Pasteboard & Pasteboard Buffers for years, it's really optimised for Control Surfaces. You can access the Shared Pasteboard from the CommandPost menubar, and it is super powerful, but it's not as visual - you just get text, not a fully customisable thumbnail.

Recall Toolbox feels like a natural extension to Final Cut Pro, with a similar look and feel to Final Cut Pro's Effects Browser.

# iCloud Sync

Recall Toolbox automagically syncs to ALL your devices on the same iCloud account!

# iCloud Sharing

You can share folders with other iCloud users, and control permissions. For example, you could have a "read only" folder that contains client logos for a current job!

You can learn how to use here.